New Addition – Cuteness Overload!

I’ve had posts (in my head) lined up…posts about shoes, skincare, makeup, spring break, activities, etc…I wanted to do them late last week and maybe over the weekend when he had some downtime…Instead, I’ve been a bit preoccupied b/c pDaddy decided he would surprise us on Thursday night…with this guy:


Everyone, meet Buddy…the newest addition to our family! He’s a Fox Red Lab and is about 6.5 weeks old now. pDaddy and I always talked about getting a yellow lab, later in at some point in the future. But, I guess he’s been searching and fell in love w/this lil guy…as have the girls and I. I’m still holding back a lil b/c I don’t want Shrimpie getting jealous and because I’ve never had a 4-legged friend before…just some fish and birds and bunnies…never a dog. Don’t have a clue how to take care of one, but I’m learning. Good thing he still likes to sleep a lot 🙂

Buddy's naptime

I think what did pDaddy in, besides his cute puppy dog eyes, are Shrimp’s love of dogs. Our best friends back in NJ have a lil cute Shitzu and she would laugh and giggle and wouldn’t be able to contain her excitement around her. I’d feel so bad for that dog b/c Shrimp would always try to tug on her fur, ears, tail, etc…Anytime Shrimp sees a dog she gets all happy and giddy and just uber excited. I think this pic, captures what I’m trying to say best:

Buddy & Shrimpie

I love how she looks like she’s playing “Follow the Leader” too. eheheheh

Now, apparently, National Puppy Day was on Friday, 03.23 and I wish we knew because we added the cuteness that is Buddy on Thursday, 3/22 (when he turned 6 weeks old).  So, Buddy, Belated Happy National Puppy Day! How can you not love this lil guy? Check out these puppy dog eyes!


You Capture – Fall!

This week’s challenge is to take a picture of something that captures FALL. Now, I’m sure there are those who aren’t hitting fall like temps/scenery yet, so maybe they took pictures of things FALLing? lol…To see other participants, check out Beth’s blog over at

Anywho, it sure does feel like Fall today. It’s the first of October (already????) and last night/this morning felt more like November/early December. Still, I love the crisp, cool air of Autumn. I just don’t like the change of season sickies that come along with it and believe me, we were/are still there (cold, cough, fever, etc…).

So here’s my FALL capture. I really need to be better about charging the battery for my camera b/c otherwise, I end up using the camera on my phone.

Pumpkins with my Lil’ Pumpkins 🙂
pumpkins w/my lil pumpkins!

I’m going to take the girls to the Doctor today and will definitely have the camera on hand, just in case. Hopefully, I can add more “fall” pics to this entry later on.

You Capture – Happiness!

This week’s challenge was to capture Happiness…To see other participants, check out Beth over at

Here are a few things that make me happy and show happiness too!
these make me happy
School Supplies: I loves me some FINE / EXTRA FINE point pens and recycled paper/notebooks. Even back when I was in High School (early 90s…yes, I know…that’s waaaaay back), I used recycled looseleaf paper. I got the pens and notebook from the Philippines – they are all of the above and cute too!

Hello Kitty: Anything Hello Kitty / made by Sanrio. I used to be such a Sanrio junkie that my one wall had NKOTB posters (*GASP*) and the other was a wall full of Sanrio characters and staionery.

Rubik’s Cube:
My new/old toy…again. I can still only do 1 side, but I know there’s a YouTube tutorial out there somewhere.

Crackberry: Enough said.


Beautiful Beaches – another thing that makes me smile from ear to ear. This is one of the resorts we stayed at while on vacation in the Philippines last month. Resort: BOHOL BEACH CLUB – Bohol, Philippines
beautiful beach

Getting a pic w/one of my favorite singers from the Philippines, Gary V (Gary Valenciano). Yup, that qualifies as something that makes me happy too! This was also from our Philippines trip…on the stage of “Wowowee” – a noon time variety show in the Philippines. Let’s ignore my overly cheesy smile and shiny face, shall we? Thanks 😉

w/Gary V on stage @ Wowowee


And of course, seeing these smiles make me happiest of all 🙂

Razz in her spotlight @ OneMGM – Boracay, Philippines
happy razz@ boracay


Beans enjoying her time in the spotlight @OneMgm – Boracay, Philippines
happy beans @ boracay


I never got to play in the rain when I was kid (something about getting sick easily and overprotective parents), but these 2 sure make it look like a lot of fun!

Razz & Beans @ Casa Pillar Beach Resort – Boracay, Philippines
playing in the rain


pDaddy and his youngest…@ Razz 2nd Birthday Dinner
father-daughter moment


Happy Sisters
@ Razz 2nd Birthday Dinner
happy girls!