Hello? Is this thing on?

Wow, been almost 2 months since I posted.  Once again, I need to clear the cobwebs…

I’ve just been so consumed in EVERYTHING going on w/everybody that I haven’t had time to blog.  Facebook and Instagram have been getting updated frequently, but that’s about it.  Mainly, I update Facebook b/c my relatives are mostly all on there.  Being that we moved out of NJ into the middle of the cornfields, that’s another way for everyone to keep up with one another.  But this here blog?  Well, no one in my family really knows about it.  It’s my “anonymous” place on the interwebs…that’s now full of cobwebs.

Thing is, I’m not even sure where I want to go with this blog anymore.  I started blogging years ago just to track my babies’ development in utero and out.  Then it became me wanting to get fit and my kiddie entries fell to the way side.  Then I got back into Fashion and Beauty and then getting fit again.  See what I mean?  This blog is everywhere except one focal point.

Then again, it is my blog, so I guess the focal point would be whatever I wanted to talk about, but…At least I see that my blogging has enabled a way for me to have a tool to look back on things and some things make me feel goofy and other things make me feel old (like what?  I started this blog when Razz was but a whee baby?  She’s now 5, by the way).

As always, I need to learn to make time.  I think I’m getting better with juggling family time and such, but I need to make time for this little home on the web.  I wonder if I’ll keep this blog or start a new one…


OK, I’m back and I hope to be back for more than just a post here and there. It’s been crazy around my neck of the woods…First of all, we moved from NJ to Illinois! After 27 years on the fast-paced East Coast, we are now in the Heartland…the Land of Lincoln. I’ll get into more details in the future, I hope, but I just wanted to drop in and dust off some cobwebs first.

It’s a NEW YEAR and, like everyone else it seems, it’s a new year for a new me. Not only am I talking in a weight-loss sense, but just being more put together. On that note, here are my resolutions this year:

1 – Be more patient…especially w/my 3 daughters.

2 – Follow through w/skincare routine – I’m amazed at how often I have gone w/o washing my face at night / morning. My HUGE pores are a testament to that.

3 – Take care of myself more / be more “put together” before heading out – I work from home so it’s easy for me to stay in PJs all day. If I have to run out to pick up the big girl or to run a quick errand, I usually just throw on a sweatshirt and, depending on the season, wear my boots, sneakers or flip-flops. I need to take the time to put on a little make-up – even just eyeliner, mascara & lip whatever makes a difference! I need to put an outfit together and look put together. I need to do this, it actually makes me feel good when I look good (well, not to sound conceited, but you know…not like I just rolled out of bed kind of thing).

In 2011, I discovered youtube sensation Michelle Phan and OMG…she has inspired to put on my best face…or any face except the one that is drab. I know, she’s been around, but hey, I don’t know why I never took advantage of all the web had to offer (tutorials and such). I found her when searching youtube on how to do a “smokey eye“.

I also discovered some style bloggers and my fave is Tanesha. She is just amazing! This girl can put together any outfit AND isn’t a stick… The girl has curves and she loves them! She puts classic pieces together w/the latest trends and can mix and match high-end designers w/some affordable brands too! Besides all that, I think she loves peep-toe heels as much as I do! Enough exclamation points there?

Her fame has blown up in 2011 and she has her own billboard out in Times Square, but you know what? She STILL takes time to reply to the “little people” via her blog and/twitter! She just gained even more respect by doing that.

4 – Exercise at least 2-3x / wk for at least half an hour at a time. I need to get this “baby weight” off already! Shrimp was born in September of 2010. I weighed the most while pregnant with her and actually got stretch marks that I never got w/the other 2. She was a big baby, born at 9lbs 12.3oz so yeah, I was house while pregnant w/her. I cannot count the amount of times people would ask me if I had twins in there. In 2011, I lost weight and I gained some back. I cannot seem to keep the weight off, but I know what I need to do. I need to exercise more, practice healthier eating and portion control. I need to do all that and keep at it. I have been on and off w/twitter and blogging, but I’m trying to come back. I used to keep tabs on Zoot & Laura, but again, have been off the blogosphere. Well, I’m going to follow misszoot and laura closely since they are motivating me to get out there and move!

5 – Eat healthier and give up soda. Goes w/the exercise and weight loss. What I want is to gain a sense of pride, confidence, self esteem. I think all of that can be achieved once I get to a healthier me. I looked at myself in the mirror and almost don’t know who that girl is.

6 – Be more confident in myself, life and work. Again, this ties in w/exercise and weight loss for gaining confidence in myself. I need to also be more confident in my decisions in life as a woman, a wife and a mother. Sometimes, I find myself questioning things when I know I shouldn’t. I need to be more confident at work as well. Working from home for the past 6 years has taken it’s toll on me. I used to be aggressive, a “go-getter”, “on the ball”, etc. I don’t find myself there anymore. It’s hard when you are not surrounded by your peers and can’t lean on each other for things. However, I know what I know and shouldn’t question that. I do need to work on knowing more.

7- Focus more and not get easily distracted. With everything going on around me, this is going to be challenging. I work from home…I also take care of the 4 year old and 15 1/2 month old. I also have mommy-duties and chores and then wanting to do so much w/such little time. I have found myself, on more than one occassion, starting something and then going to do something else…like this blog entry. I started this, but then go back and forth between my girls and work. But, hey…that’s life. Life Happens. I just need to make sure I don’t get distracted w/menial things.

8 – Blog again…this poor home of mine on the interwebs has been left “undone” too long…

9 – Pay off my credit cards. I make this sound worse than it really is. I am actually at a decent place in my life when it comes to credit card debt. The crazy, college shopper has learned her lesson. I just don’t like having ANY balances on my cards, but know that, in order to build and get better credit, you need to use the cards and show that you can pay them off. There was actually a couple of years where I didn’t have anything on my cards and a couple of the lenders actually closed them due to inactivity! I had no idea they could that 😦

10 – Pray more…I may not be all that religious (No, I don’t go to Mass every Sunday), but I still have my faith…I just need to get in touch w/that side more. I actually found a Bible at TJMaxx the other day. I think I may go back for it, though I think I want the one that has explanations in it…kind of like “Cliffs Notes” or something.

11 – Take more pictures! I have TOTALLY slacked in this area. pDaddy has gotten into photography more than I have in the past few years so I’ve become dependent on him to take the photos. I need to do this more though…especially since I’m the one home w/the girls more. He can play w/his 5D and I’ll take the good ol’ Rebel…If you know of any photo sites or weekly photo challenges, please let me know.

12 – Let go of the past…no holding grudges even after forgiving. For me, it’s always been easy to forgive, but I have a hard time forgetting.

Well, I think that’s it. What do you want to accomplish in 2012? Are you out there? If you are, HELLO! Welcome aboard or Welcome back 🙂 Do share your goals in the comments, please 🙂

Hope that you and yours had a fantabulous holiday season!

My Own Place…

Lately, I’ve been debating on whether or not to get my own domain. I haven’t had one in a while and I know it’s not crazy expensive, but hey, nothing beats free! I love wordpress.com, but I don’t like that I can’t customize as much as I want to. There are pre-made themes that I can use that have a custom header, but it still seems so limited.

So, do I go and get my own domain and stick to wordpress via wordpress.org or switch to blogger and stay free, but way more custoimzable? hmmm

I think the first step is that I need to just be sure I can dedicate more time to blogging. It would be kind of a waste to divulge so much money and/time and energy making a blog pretty if I’ll barely use it, right?

I’m hoping to get better about blogging. It’s just been really crazy and then I end up feeling so behind that I don’t know where to start, but I’m going to get on that and just do it…

Oh, Happy Cinco de Mayo! Have a couple shots of tequila and some yummy margaritas for me.

Sunshine Day!

“I think I’ll go for a walk outside now the summer sun’s callin’ my name” – Brady Bunch

C’mon, I know you remember this…Just can’t be me, right? Right?

Ok, now that the hokey is out of the way, the real premise of SUNSHINE for this post is the wonderful, sweet and thoughtful Laura of LauraLohr.com awarded me my FIRST bloggy award – The Sunshine Award. Is she sweet or what? Laura and I have been bloggy friends for over 4 years now. Her Allie Kat and my Beans are only 1 month apart! She’s a great writer, photographer, Mom and I admire her determination when it comes to working out and running. I turned to Laura a lot last year when I was starting to get into a running kick (which has unfortunately died down). Anyway, it behooves you to check out her blog (wow, haven’t used that word in a while 😉 )!

Thank you Laura for adding sunshine to my day 🙂

Now, I have to pass it onto 12 other bloggy friends. Thing is, I have been kind of out of it for a bit…I haven’t been good with keeping up w/all my old bloggy friends, but that doesn’t mean I can’t pass on the Sunshine right?

The rules for accepting this:
Put the logo on your blog or within your post (right click and save). Pass the award onto 12 bloggers, then link the nominees within your post. Finally, let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their blog.

So here goes – in no particular order…this might look familiar b/c I had an old post about “daily reads besides Tweets”…

Kim at MissZoot.com – This girl is just downright awesome. She has great design skills – she designed my old blog way back when. She has an awesome family (her NikkiZ and my Beans are only 1 day apart – sensing a pattern here? lol), great photog skills and does her share of running too…She and I both have a love for office supplies (pens and journals mostly for me). She loves Diet Cokes and Krispy Kreme donuts. We both love Harry Potter and she turned me to Twilight which turned to my Robsession/Edward Cullen love. I’m sure my husband won’t ever forgive her for that 😉 She’s going through a tough time right now…send her some love…

Mona at MamaMona.blogspot.com – This is probably the only blogger I know in person…we went to High School together! Found her via FB and found out she also blogs. She has since moved to Egypt where she lives with her BEAUTIFUL family and she’s still as beautiful as ever. We share a love for all things Sanrio (Hello Kitty, Keroppi, etc.), accessories and LOST. She even has a LOST blog!

Y over at JoyUnexpected: Watched her boys grow into young men…her daughter turn into a beautiful little girl. She’s funny too! I also felt for her as she struggled w/her weight and Hashimoto’s. I felt her pain without feeling it, that’s how well she writes. She also has a great knack for photography.

Carrisa of andsosheblogs.com – Although she dropped me as her Twitter friend (boohoo… sad face), I still read her blog and her tweets. She’s comical, has great gift ideas, recipes and has a sick obsession w/bags – worse than mine 🙂 She claims she’s shy, but I admire her for making it to BlogHer and meeting all the online friends she’s made in person. I don’t think I could ever do that.

Ree of ThePioneerWoman: Need I say more? Ok fine…Reading about life on the ranch makes me wish I lived on one and married a cowboy (j/k pDaddy!). She inspires me to take pictures, fiddle with Photoshop and even got the idea of homeschooling my kids in my head. Her cooking page is awesome and has great step-by-step instructions that I have yet to follow, but keep saying I will. I often have to wipe the drool off of my keyboard after reading her cooking page. And she has a whole “love story” going on recounting her courtship, dating and marriage to Marlboro Man. Did I mention she has awesome giveaways (mixers! DSLRs! giftcards!)?

MrsSoup I found participating in the same challenges as me, but she actually takes better pictures. She is just one of those where you can tell she has a kind heart and soul…Perfect Mommy material to her BabySoup.

Midwest Mommy: Hosts Totally Ticked Off Tuesday and has great giveaways on her review site (I actually won something for once!). She also has an addiction to school supplies (we should form a SS Anonymous or something). She takes pictures for her readers and I especially love it when they’re of license plates you have to decipher. She also has an uncanny way of incorporating her face into pictures – hilarious! She also just recently celebrated a milestone birthday – go wish her a belated happy one!

Stacie of Stacie’s Madness: Funny gal who went through hell to get her divorce finalized, but is now in a happy place with her new “friend”. She tells it like it is and isn’t afraid of what you think 😉 Balls…this woman’s got balls. lol

Angie of SevenClownCircus (who I discovered via Stacie): I love participating in her “Wordful Wednesday” challenge (well, at least when I used to blog more regularly). I know that “Wordless Wednesday” was around for awhile, but I talk too much (no way? really? yes! really!).

Beth of ishouldbefoldinglaundry: Is another great read with a catchy name (b/c I, too, should be folding laundry) w/great pics. She hosts the “You Capture” challenge on Thursdays…gives you incentive and motivation to go out there and take them pics! Did I mention she’s cute and very preggo too? Can’t wait to see that cutie-pa-tootie when born.

JamieAnn: I still don’t know I got to her site, but I think from twitter?? She’s got a great sense of humor, she’s honest and is obsessed w/RPattz/Edward Cullen just as much as I am. Her advantage? He knows she exists, but not I 😦 She’s also a great friend…See this video? I was all kinds of teary-eyed! I’ll be making my donation to LoveHarder later today, how about you?

Rachael of PineappleBabble.com had me at “Hello”. Well, actually, not Hello…it was more this entry about her going to see New Moon at the midnight showing. It’s everything I wanted to say – IF I actually went to the showing w/some girlfriends…Seems I’m alone w/my Twilight/Robsession/Edward Cullen love in the real world. I LOVED this entry and have been hooked ever since. Helps that her Pineapple’s a cutie too 🙂