Happy Birthday, Mum :)

Today’s my Mom’s 61st bday and just like last year, she’s in the Philippines. Unlike last year, we are all here. Last year, since it was a “milestone” birthday, we (my brother and his family, my sister and her family and I – sans family) all went to the Philippines to surprise her and boy, did we ever! I need to dig around and find that video…

Anyway, here, there, everywhere…we all wish her a very happy birthday and we miss and love her SO very much!

My mom is such a survivor! She’s a Breast Cancer survivor AND she’s survived my Dad’s craziness for over 40 years of marriage too! We joke around and say that’s bigger than surviving her cancer…lol…All jokes aside, she’s awesome and the bestest, bestest Wife, Grandmother, Aunt, Sister, Mom, etc…out there (yes, better than yours and no, I’m not biased 😛 )!

Happy Birthday, Mum! We Love You 🙂

Sick Day

Called out sick today…now, what to do, what to do? I should rest and fully recover already. Being sick for over 3 weeks sucks, but it’s hard to rest when I’m watching these 2 girls all day AND I have loads of laundry and lots of cleaning to do. Where do I begin?

I think I’ll start w/putting my Avon orders together to clear up a box I can use for storage and take it from there…Hopefully, I get a nap in today while the girls nap too. Hey, one can hope.

BornDay…Seeing ORANGE!

I should have titled this “Beans’ Birthday-day Wrap-Up…lol…

More pics from Beans’ Birthday Dinner @ home…We always have a get together with the fam on our real birthdays and, maybe, a bigger birthday party too w/more friends and the rest of the fam.

family + her cousin

the troop - too bad the cup/water bottle got focused!

Her FAVE present
– Handy Manny “Puh-Pair” shop from Lolo & Mum. We got her a camera (so she stops trying to use ours!):

handy manny "puh-pair" shop! her own cam (so she stops trying to use ours!)

Pics of Mama & Papa’s presents came out blurry, but she loved her clothes too! And here she is being silly w/her card from them – eye all peeking out ;):

clothes! silly w/her card

Ever since Beans was born 4 years ago – 3 days before my birthday – my birthday has been put on the back burner. I knew that was going to happen when I was initially told her due date was my birthday. I’ve gotten used to it and actually don’t mind it. I don’t really need a reminder to tell me I’m getting older! I’m happy w/the birthday greets from family/friends via email, phone, text message and even FB. Friends keep telling me we should go out to celebrate anyway and I would love to, if my birthday didn’t fall during the busiest sesason of our work year and I wasn’t so exhausted or sick!

So anyway, for my bday, I was surprised to still score a few presents. One of the best presents? Beans passed her TKD test and got her ORANGE belt! So proud of my little bugger 😉 This time, she had to break the board using her arm/elbow (I forgot what that “punch” was called). For her yellow belt, she had to break the board w/a “hammer” punch using her fist.

Here she is w/that elbow/arm punch breaking the board! Took her a couple of tries, but she did it 🙂

My little TKD superstar 🙂

How terrible that this is the only pic of me on my bday – so haggard looking…That would be the direct result of working and running around doing errands for Beans’ Halloween Bday Party.
me & my girls

pDaddy & his girls

The rest of my birthday was spent @ my parents’ house decorating and prepping for Beans’ Birthday Party with the help of my siblings, nieces and nephews…Halloween was extra exhausting this year! That entry, coming up tomorrow, I hope.

Still Tired…

But still working 😦 Wanted to upload pics from all of this weekend’s festivities, but just haven’t had the time nor the energy.

When can I get a “REAL” entry in here with no complaints of me being exhausted? Hopefully, tomorrow.

What a lame-o-NaBloPoMo so far, eh?

You Capture – Motion!

This week’s challenge was to capture something in Motion. I have 2 little girls so I thought this wouldn’t be such a big deal. However, it wasn’t so easy to capture “the” motion while they were “in” motion.

Take this pool picture below. I really wanted a picture of her going underwater after her jump, but I think I was too nervous and forgot to “click” my camera until she came back up…lol…She’s done this multiple times, but my heart still skips a beat.

Beans - "Jump & Dunk"

Here’s Beans again showcasing her energy at the Park on Sunday running after pigeons. I think this picture shows more of the “motion” I was picturing in my head – you know, that “blur” showing the bird’s wings all a flutter trying to escape this crazy little human girl…and her right foot mid-run…
The Bird Chaser

To see other participants’ take on Motion for this week’s “You Capture”, check out Beth’s page over at ishouldbefoldinglaundry.com.

Wordful Wednesday & ABC Round 5 – “D”

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Here are some pics from our trip to Liberty State Park on Sunday. MIL had her work picnic and family was invited. I was sick, but dragged my bootie over there anyway. Such a shame it wasn’t a clear day…it was hot, hazy and humid…

Sisters Sliding “D” is for my darling daughters, Razz and Beans in “Synchronized Sliding”…next Baby Olympics sport, yeah?

Darling Daughters
Sisterly Love…

Daddy and his girls
“D” is also for Daddy Dearest w/his Darling Daughters…taking in the view, albeit a bit hazy…

Razz, the little one, kept trying to look for “Ming-Ming” on the Statue of Liberty’s nose (this all courtesy of “The Wonder Pets” episode where they visit NYC and save a baby pigeon).